(pronounced: kom-pah-RET-ee-ah)


Maxillarieae subtribe Oncidiinae

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Caespitose epiphytes. Pseudobulbs slender, subtended by papery bracts, rarely foliaceous. Inflorescences axillary long-pedunculate racemes or panicles, few-flowered to many-flowered, the floral bracts inconspicuous. Flowers showy, usually brilliantly colored. Dorsal sepal and petals free, spreading, the dorsal sepal concavd forming a hood over the column, the lateral sepals fused forming a long, slender spur. Lip three-lobed, fused to the column at the middle of the lip, the midlobe fan-shaped with an apical notch, with a pair of slender auricles at the base nestled in the sepaline spur, with callus. Column stout, without foot or wings; pollinia 2, on a common viscidium and stipe.


Honoring Andreo Comparetti, professor of botany at Padua, Italy.


A genus of seven species, somewhat confused by rather frequent natural hybridization, found throughout the neotropics from Mexico to Bolivia.

Care and Culture Card

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