(pronounced: krip-tah-RAIN-ah)


Maxillarieae subtribe Cryptarrheninae

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Epiphytes with fan-shaped growths. Pseudobulbs highly reduced or absent. Leaves several to numerous, distichous. Inflorescences lateral racemes, as long or surpassing the leaves, arching to pendent. Flowers numerous, small. Sepals and petals subequal, free, spreading. Lip spreading, three- or four-lobed, clawed with the claw keeled, +/- a terminal apicule. Column short, without wings or foot; pollinia 4, in two pairs on a common linear stipe and minute viscidium.


From the Greek kryptos, meaning hidden, and arrhen, meaning stamen, referring to the hooded clinandrium which covers the anther.


A genus of four species ranging from Mexico to Bolivia and the Caribbean.

Care and Culture Card

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