(pronounced: sip-ree-PEE-dee-um)



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Deciduous terrestrials with fleshy, non-tuberoid roots. Stems short or elongate-erect. Leaves few in a basal rosette or numerous and scattered along the stem, sessile, pubescent. Inflorescences terminal, erect, pubescent, scapes or long-pedunculate congested (subcapitate) racemes from short-stemmed plants or racemes on elongate stems, the floral bract conspicuous, often subequal to the leaves. Flowers resupinate, often pubescent and with ciliate margins. Dorsal sepal and petals free, the lateral sepals fused for their length forming a synsepal. Lip pouch-like, unlobed or obscurely three-lobed by the infolding of marginal flaps, sessile, without callus. Column stalked, with a broad shield-shaped terminal staminode, with a pair of lateral anthers and a central stigmatic surface; pollen coalesced in a sticky mass.


From the Greek Kypris, meaning Venus, and pedion, meaning sandal, alluding to the beautiful slipper shape of the lip.


A panboreal genus of 45 species extending southwards into the mountains of China and Mexico. Common names: Lady’s Slipper Orchid, Moccasin Flower.

Care and Culture Card

See basic growing conditions and care information below.


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