(pronounced: sir-toh-STYE-liss)


Diurideae subtribe Acianthinae


Miniature terrestrials arising from small tubers. Stems extremely short. Leaves one, heart-shaped, appressed to the soil. Inflorescences terminal, pedunculate, wiry racemes. Flowers semitranslucent reddish-green to reddish-brown. Sepals and petals free, spreading. Lip unlobed, sessile, with a pair of basal calli. Column erect, arching, with a pair of basal auricles, with conspicuous wings, without foot; pollinia 4, strongly compressed, naked.


From the Greek kyrtos, meaning curved or swollen, and stylis, meaning column, probably referring to the swelling of the column below the stigma.


A genus of four species native to Australasia.

Care and Culture Card

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