(pronounced: day-reh-GYE-nee)


Cranichideae subtribe Spiranthinae


Terrestrials with fleshy, villose, fasciculate roots. Leaves rosulate, linear-oblanceolate, petiolate, thin-textured. Inflorescences terminal pedunculate spicate racemes, the bracts and floral bracts conspicuous. Flowers tubular, white to greenish-white. Sepals and petals free, the petals appressed tothe dorsal sepal. Lip unlobed, clawed, subauriculate. Column slender, without wings or foot, the rostellum elongate; pollinia 2, on a common viscidium.


From the Greek deire, meaning neck, and gyne, meaning pistil, referring to the elongate neck on the ovary.


A genus of seven species from Mexico and northern Central America.

Care and Culture Card

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