(pronounced: did-eh-moh-PLEKS-iss)


Gastrodieae subtribe Gastrodiinae


Diminutive achlorophyllous saprophytes arising from fleshy, horizontal tubers. Stems erect, leafless, with sparse, distant bracts. Inflorescences congested, one to few-flowered, scapose racemes. Sepals and petals basally fused, forming a short tube, subsaccate along fusion with the column foot. Lip lobed or entire, sessile-cuneate. Column arcuate, with a foot; pollinia four.


From the Greek didymos, meaning twin, and plexis, meaning plaiting, referring either to the folding caused by the fusion of the dorsal sepal and petals or to the pair of column wings.


A genus of about 20 species from Africa and Madagascar to Australia, Fiji and New Caledonia.

Care and Culture Card

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