(pronounced: dye-morg-OR-kiss)


Vandeae subtribe Aeridinae

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Large monopodial epiphytes. Stems horizontal to laxly pendent, leafy towards the apices. Leaves alternate, distichous, leathery. Inflorescences elongate pendent racemes, the peduncle, rachis and ovaries tomentose. Flowers showy, dimorphic, the basal 2--3 flowers of one type, strongly fragrant, the remaining flowers of a different type, not fragrant. Sepals and petals free, spreading, strongly undulate in the apical flowers. Lip three-lobed, mobile, short-clawed, very fleshy-rigid. Column short, stout, without wings, with a short foot; pollinia 4, in two tightly compressed pairs appearing as two pollinia, with a stipe and viscidium.


From the Greek di, meaning twice, morphe, meaning shape, and orchis, meaning orchid, referring to the flowers of two distinct forms.


A genus of two species endemic to Borneo.

Care and Culture Card

See basic growing conditions and care information below.


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