(pronounced: DEE-sah; DYE-sah)


Diseae subtribe Disinae

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Terrestrials or lithophytes growing in rock crevices, arising from tubers or tuberous roots, with some species forming colonies by stolons. Stems erect, leafy at the base, some species producing both sterile and fertile shoots. Leaves linear and grass-like to elliptic-lanceolate, basal, +/- cauline. Inflorescences terminal racemes, laxly few-flowered to densely cylindric racemes, the floral bracts lanceolate, usually subequal to the ovaries. Flowers usually resupinate. Sepals free, the dorsal sepal hood-like, +/- a spur, the spur short to much elongate, the petals asymmetrically bilobed, often fused to the column. Lip unlobed, sessile to exceedingly long-clawed, without callus, often with a dissected margin. Column short, the rostellum three-lobed; pollinia 2.


A name of obscure origin.


A genus of about 130 species from Tropical and South Africa with four species in Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands. As currently circumscribed Disa in the broad sense includes plants formerly commonly classified as Herschelia, Herschelianthe, and Monad

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