(pronounced: dye-SKYE-fuss)


Cranichideae subtribe Spiranthinae


Terrestrials arising from fleshy, fasciculate roots. Stems very short. Leaves solitary, basal, sessile, appressed to the ground. Inflorescences solitary, terminal, erect, long-pedunculate congested racemes. Flowers barely opening, pubescent. Sepals and petals fused at the base into a short tube, the lobes free. Lip unlobed, clawed, with conspicuous fleshy basal auricles, without callus. Column straight, without wings or foot, the stigma deeply bilobed and cup-shaped, the rostellum bifid; pollinia 2, on a common viscidium.


From the Greek di, meaning double, and skyphos, meaning cup, referring to the two conspicuously distinct cup-shaped stigmas.


A monotypic genus from Panama to Brazil.

Care and Culture Card

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