(pronounced: el-ee-OR-kiss)


Arethuseae subtribe Arethusinae

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Terrestrials arising from corm-like pseudobulbs. Leaves one, erect, grass-like, acute. Inflorescences terminal erect pedunculate scapes, the floral bracts minute. Flowers tubular, pink. Sepals and petals free, subsimilar, subequal. Lip unlobed, subparallel to the column, without callus or with low callus ridges. Column slender, arching, somewhat club-shaped, without wings or foot, the clinandrium minutely and irregularly toothed; pollinia 4, naked.


From the Greek elos, meaning marsh, and orchis, meaning orchid, referring to the swampy habitat.


A monotypic genus endemic to Japan.

Care and Culture Card

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Maekawa, F. 1935. Studia monocotyledonorum Japonicarum (II). Journ. Jap. Bot. 11(5):1-306.