(pronounced: el-troh-PLEK-triss)


Cranichideae subtribe Spiranthinae

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Acaulous terrestrials with fasciculate, fleshy, densely villous roots. Leaves solitary to several, non-articulate, long petiolate. Inflorescences stiffly erect, scapose, few-flowered racemes, the peduncle concealed by conspicuous bracts. Sepals free, spreading, the lateral sepals fused to the column foot forming a spur. Petals appressed to the dorsal sepal. Lip unlobed, clawed, arching-recurved, shorter than the sepals. Column slender, the foot elongate and partially fused to the ovary, the rostellum rigid, needle-like to linear; pollinia 2, mealy, club-shaped, attached to an oblong viscidium.


From the Greek plectron, meaning spur, referring to the conspicuously spurred lip. The first half of the name is obscure; perhaps a garbled form of eleutheros, meaning free.


A genus of about twelve species ranging from Florida and the Caribbean to Guyana and Ecuador.

Care and Culture Card

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