(pronounced: ep-ee-BLAST-uss)


Podochileae subtribe Eriinae; allied to Mediocalcar J. J. Smith.

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Trailing, clump-forming epiphytes. Pseudobulbs cylindric, compressed, subtended by persistent bracts. Leaves one, lanceolate, acute. Inflorescences axillary fascicles. Flowers tubular, usually saccate at the base, waxy, usually brightly colored. Sepals and petals subsimilar, subequal, free, spreading. Lip unlobed, ovate, auriculate, subsimilar to the sepals and petals, +/- a pair of small transverse callus. Column short, stout, without wings, with foot; pollinia 8, in two set of eight on two common sets of caudicles.


From the Greek epiblastos, meaning sprouting on or again, referring to the epiphytic habit.


A genus of about 20 species primarily at high elevations in New Guinea but extending as far as Samoa.

Care and Culture Card

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Williams, L. O. 1940. Epiblastus in the Philippines. Philip. J. Sci. 71:113-114.