(pronounced: fer-nan-DEEZ-ee-ah)


Maxillarieae subtribe Oncidiinae. The genus is split into two subgenera on the basis of the pollinaria: subgenus Fernandezia has a deeply divided, “Y” shaped stipe and subgenus Nasonia (Lindley) Garay and Dunsterville has an undivided stipe.

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Epiphytes with simple or few-branched stems rooting at the base. Leaves rigid, conduplicate, numerous along the stems, the leaf bases persistent and sheathing. Inflorescences subsessile, of single flowers from upper leaf axils, rarely more than one per node, ovaries more or less equalling the leaves. Sepals and petals subsimilar, free, the lateral sepals sometimes fused. Lip unlobed, with a basal longitudinal callus or a central two-lobed callus. Column with a prominently hooded clinandrium, with or without a short foot; pollinia two on an elongate stipe, the stipe entire or deeply divided.


A genus of nine species restricted to cloud forests of South America from Colombia and Venezuela to Peru.

Care and Culture Card

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