(pronounced: gal-ee-AIR-iss)


Orchideae subtribe Orchidinae


Terrestrials without corms or tubers. Leaves two, basal. Inflorescences erect, scapose racemes, the floral bracts conspicuous. Flowers hooded, pink and white. Sepals and petals free, the dorsal sepal and petal appressed forming a hood over the column. Lip unlobed, with an elongate spur. Column short. with two anther sacs; pollinia 2, granular, each with a small viscidium.


From the Latin galea, meaning helmet, in reference to the hood formed by the dorsal sepal and petals.


A genus of up to 12 species in temperate North America and eastern Asia depending on the circumscription of the genus (see Aorchis).

Care and Culture Card

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