(pronounced: groh-soh-ER-dee-ah)


Vandeae subtribe Aeridinae

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Monopodial epiphytes. Stems very short. Leaves alternate, distichous, fleshy. Inflorescences erect pedunculate axillary racemes, the floral bracts minute. Flowers ephemeral, borne singly in succession. Sepals and petals free, spreading, the lateral sepals fused to the column foot. Lip three-lobed, the midlobe often three-lobulate, spurred, flexibly hinged to the column foot, without callus. Column arching with a conspicuous bend at the middle, with an elongate foot, without wings; pollinia 2, cleft, on a common oblanceolate-triangular stipe and minute viscidium.


Honoring Dr. von Grosourdy, specialist on medicinal plants of South America.


A genus of 10 species found from the Andaman Islands to Borneo and the Philippines. Grosourdya had been included in a broadly defined Pteroceras but consistently differs by bearing erect inflorescences, solitary successive flowers, and an angular bend in

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