(pronounced: jim-nah-DEN-ee-ah)


Orchideae subtribe Orchidinae

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Terrestrials arising from forked tubers. Leaves rosulate, linear to linear-lanceolate. Inflorescences terminal, erect, pedunculate, densely-flowered racemes, the floral bracts linear-lanceolate, subequal to the ovaries. Flowers numerous, often fragrant. Sepals and petals free, spreading, subequal. Lip three-lobed, spurred. Column short; pollinia 2, on separate caudicles and minute viscidia


From the Greek gymnos, meaning naked, and aden, meaning gland, referring to the sticky discs of the pollinia which, unlike its close relative, are not in a bursicle.


A genus of 10 species from Europe and temperate Asia.

Care and Culture Card

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