(pronounced: hole-koh-GLOS-sum)


Vandeae subtribe Aeridinae

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Monopodial epiphytes or lithophytes with coarse roots. Stems short or somewhat elongate. Leaves terete to subterete, alternate, distichous and arranged in a fan or spiral, fleshy. Inflorescences axillary racemes, rarely branching and paniculate, the floral bracts inconspicuous. Sepals and petals free, spreading, often clawed, the lateral sepals usually larger than other segments. Lip three-lobed, saccate to long-spurred, continuous with the column foot, the callus when present of parallel keels. Column straight, without wings; pollinia 2, porate, on a common stipe and viscidium.


From the Greek holkos, meaning strap, and glossa, meaning tongue, in reference to the strap-shaped spur of some species.


A genus of nine species from Northeast India and China to Indochina and Taiwan. Species of Holcoglossum were formerly included in Aerides and Vanda but differ by having terete or semiterete leaves, two porate pollinia, and different ecology as high elevat

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