(pronounced: hoh-mah-oh-PET-ah-lum)


Epidendreae subtribe Laeliinae. Homalopetalum is probably allied to Domingoa Schlechter. Some authors consider this genus a synonym of Pinelianthe Rauschert.

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Miniature creeping epiphytes bearing small pseudobulbs with a single leaf on a long rhizome. Inflorescences solitary flowers on long flexuous scapes, usually proportionately large for the plant. Sepals and petals subsimilar, spreading. Lip unlobed, with a pair of small calli at the base. Column arcuate, with a pair of small teeth at the base; pollinia 4.


From the Greek homalos, meaning even or uniform, and petalon, meaning petal, from the subsimilar sepals, petals and lip.


A genus of four species found from Mexico to Peru and the West Indies.

Care and Culture Card

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