(pronounced: joo-MEL-ee-ah)


Vandeae subtribe Angraecinae


Monopodial epiphytes and lithophytes. Stems short with fan-shaped growths to elongate-viny, rooting at the base. Leaves alternate, distichous, +/- petiolate. Inflorescences solitary flowers in the leaf axils, either one per node or in fasciculate clusters. Flowers white, fragrant. Sepals and petals free, spreading, subsimilar, subequal, the petals often twisted at the base to lie horizontal. Lip unlobed, with an elongate, filiform spur, the spur initially parallel to the ovary. Column short, with a pair of stelidia, the foot very short; pollinia 2, each with a stipe attached to a common large viscidium.


A genus of 60 species native to Tropical Africa, South Africa, Madagascar, the Comoro Islands and the Mascarene Islands. Although the plant habits varies from species to species, the flowers of different Jumellea species are remarkably similar.

Care and Culture Card

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