(pronounced: kef-er-STYE-neah)


Maxillarieae subtribe Zygopetalinae

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Caespitose epiphytes with fan-shaped growths and thick white roots. Leaves linear to elliptic-oblanceolate, distichous, with imbricating bases. Inflorescences multiple erect to laxly pendent scapes, shorter than the leaves. Flowers flat or cupped. Sepals and petals free, usually subsimilar. Lip unlobed to variously three-lobed, clawed, often transversely folded to form a skirt, with a prominent basal callus. Column fleshy, straight, winged, with a ventral keel, with a short foot; pollinia four, subsessile on the viscidium.


A genus of about 45 species distributed from Nicaragua to Bolivia. Closely allied to Chondrorhyncha Lindley and Cochleanthes Rafinesque, Kefersteinia was included in a very broadly defined Zygopetalum W. J. Hooker.

Care and Culture Card

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