(pronounced: leh-pan-THOP-siss)


Epidendreae subtribe Pleurothallidinae. Luer (1991) divided Lepanthopsis into two subgenera. Subgenus Lepanthopsis bears flowers with a transverse, bilobed stigma while subgenus Microlepanthes Luer bears flowers with an entire stigma. Subgenus Lepanthopsi

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Miniature caespitose or occasionally trailing epiphytes. Ramicauls ascending to erect, enclosed by lepanthiform sheaths. Leaves one per ramicaul, shortly petiolate, with +/- denticulate margins, minutely notched at the apex with a central mucronule. Inflorescences racemes from near the apex of the ramicaul, the peduncle short to scapose, the rachis laxly flowered or densely flowered with the flowers strictly two-ranked, sometimes fractiflex (zig-zag), usually simultaneously flowering, the floral bracts minute. Flowers small to minute, usually +/- translucent. Sepals often acuminate-caudate, the lateral sepals fused for part of their length. Petals much smaller than the sepals, spreading. Lip unlobed or rarely three-lobed, sessile, usually auriculate with the auricle embracing the column. Column very short, with a hooded anther bed; pollinia 2, free or attached to a common viscidium.


A genus of 40 species widespread in Central America, South America and the Greater Antilles.

Care and Culture Card

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