(pronounced: leh-pid-oh-GYNE-nee)


Cranichideae subtribe Goodyerinae


Robust terrestrials. Stems trailing. Leaves clustered at the base. Inflorescences terminal, erect, densely many-flowered spicate racemes, the floral bracts prominent. Flowers tubular, translucent. Sepals and petals free, dissimilar, the dorsal sepal and petals appressed forming a hood over the column, the lateral sepals spreading-recurved. Lip three-lobed, subsaccate at the base. Column stout at the base with an elongate rostellum, with one stigma; pollinia 2, elongate, attached by long stalk-like caudicles to a common linear-filiform viscidium.


A genus of one to three species ranging from Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia (Java) to New Guinea.

Care and Culture Card

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