(pronounced: LIP-ah-riss)


Malaxideae. Liparis is divided into four subgenera with nineteen recognized sections. Recently Szlachetko has separated seven species from southern India, Sri Lanka and the Seychelles as a separate genus Seidenfia Szlachetko. One group of semi-trailing sp

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Caespitose to trailing terrestrials, lithophytes or epiphytes. Pseudobulbs globose to cylindric, succulent. Leaves one to several, succulent to membranous, plicate or conduplicate. Inflorescences terminal scapose racemes, the floral bracts inconspicuous or elongate and densely alternate, distichous. Sepals and petals free, spreading, the petals usually much narrower than the sepals. Lip unlobed to three-lobed, with +/- basal callus, arching to concave. Column elongate, strongly curved; pollinia 4, naked.


A genus of 350 species with worldwide distribution in both tropical and temperate regions.

Care and Culture Card

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