(pronounced: lye-roh-GLOS-sah)


Cranichideae subtribe Spiranthinae


Rosulate terrestrials arising from fleshy, fasciculate roots. Leaves solitary, basal, small. Inflorescences erect scapose densely few-flowereed racemes, the peduncle and floral bracts prominent. Flowers tubular, spirally arranged. Sepals and petal free, the dorsal sepal and petals appressed forming a hood. Lip three-lobed (pandurate), subsessile with a short claw, auriculate. Column short, with a short foot, the stigma bilobed, the rostellum rigid, acuminate; pollinia 2, club-shaped, on a common minute viscidium.


A genus of three species found from Mexico to Bolivia and Trinidad.

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