(pronounced: mye-kroh-SEE-lee-ah)


Vandeae subtribe Aerangidinae

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Leafless epiphytes or rarely lithophytes. Stems short, successively dying from the base. Scale leaves acute to rostrate, sheathing the apical meristem. Roots firmly or loosely attached tothe substrate, terete or slightly flattened. Inflorescences axillary racemes, few to many, short to long, laxly or densely flowered. Flowers small to minute. Sepals and petals free, rarely fused. Lip unlobed or three-lobed, with a subglobose to cylindric spur. Column fleshy, very short to elongate; pollinia 2, subglobose to pyriform, attached to a common stipe with a viscidium.


From the Greek mikros, meaning small, and koilia, meaning abdomen, referring to the small lip and spur.


A genus of 26 species found in tropical Africa and Madagascar with one species extending to the Republic of South Africa (Natal).

Care and Culture Card

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