(pronounced: pak-ee-STOH-mah)


Arethuseae subtribe Bletiinae


Terrestrials from subterraneous tuberous rhizomes. Leaves solitary, plicate, petiolate. Inflorescences erect, scapose, loosely flowered racemes. Flowers cupped. Sepals and petals free, the lateral sepals forming a small saccate base with the column foot. Lip three-lobed, with longitudinal keels. Column long, curved, dilated at the apex; pollinia eight, without a stipe or visicidium.


A genus of probably only one variable species ranging from India and the Northwest Himalaya to China, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea, Australia, New Caledonia and the New Hebrides. Older reports of Pachystoma from Africa refeer to plants now place

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