(pronounced: pek-TYE-liss)


Orchideae subtribe Habenariinae. Pecteilis was previously included in a broadly defined Habenaria but differs by having a sessile two-lobed stigma.

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Terrestrials arising from tubers. Leaves basal or scattered along the stem, sessile. Inflorescences erect, scapose racemes, densely few-flowered. Flowers showy, predominately white, fragrant at night. Sepals and petals free, spreading. Lip three-lobed, with a long laxly pendent spur. Column short, with a two-lobed stigma, the anther locules parallel; pollinia 2, each sessile on a separate viscidium.


A genus of four species found from southern China to Indonesia as far east as Timor.

Care and Culture Card

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