(pronounced: frag-meh-PEE-dee-um)



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Caespitose or rhizomatose terrestrials and lithophytes, rarely epiphytes, lacking pseudobulbs, producing fan-shaped growths. Leaves alternate, distichous, equitant at the conduplicate bases, linear-lanceolate to lorate, glabrous. Inflorescences erect scapose racemes and panicles, the floral bracts frequently large, conspicuous. Flowers borne simultaneously or sequentially one-flowered. Sepals and petals usually dissimilar, the lateral sepals fused for their length in a synsepal. Lip pouch-like (petal-like in P. lindenii). Column terminated by a shield-shaped staminode (absent in P. exstaminodium Castaño, Hagsater and Aguirre), laterally with two fertile anthers; pollen in glutinous masses.


A genus of 15 species ranging from southern Mexico to Bolivia and Trinidad. One rather unusual species from Mexico, P. xerophyticum Soto Arenas, Salazar and Hagsater, is placed in the monotypic genus Mexipedium Albert and Chase by some authors. Alternativ

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