(pronounced: play-tee-LEEP-iss)


Cranichideae subtribe Goodyerinae


Trailing terrestrials rooting at the nodes with erect leafy stems. Leaves ovate, petiolate, spirally arranged. Inflorescences terminal, erect, scapose, densely-flowered racemes, the peduncle bracts +/- foliaceous, the floral bracts conspicuous, longer than the ovaries, with long glandular trichomes. Flowers inconspicuous, tubular. Sepals free, the petals lightly fused to the dorsal sepal. Lip boat-shaped, fused to the column for part of its length, basally saccate, reflexed at the apex. Column elongate, the rostellum two-lobed; pollinia 2.


A genus of 10 species in tropical Africa, South Africa, Madagascar, and the Mascarene Islands.

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