(pronounced: plek-tor-RYE-zah)


Vandeae subtribe Aeridinae

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Monopodial epiphytes and lithophytes. Leaves alternate, distichous. Inflorescences few-flowered racemes, arising below a leaf by breaking through the leaf sheath. Flowers cupped. Sepals and petals free. Lip three-lobed, rigidly fused to the column foot, spurred, with a backward projecting frontwall pubescent callus. Column short, stout, with a short foot, the rostellum elongate, bifid, parallel to the column; pollinia 4, in two unequal pairs on a narrowly linear stipe and minute viscidium.


A genus of three species endemic to Australia. Plectorrhiza erecta (Fitzgerald) Dockrill [Cleisostoma erectum Fitzgerald; Sarcanthus erectus (Fitzgerald) Rupp; Sarcochilus erectus (Fitzgerald) Mueller; Sarcochilus tridentatus var. erectus (Fitzgerald) Bai

Care and Culture Card

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Dockrill, A. W. 1967. Australasian Sarcanthinae. Sydney.