(pronounced: poh-doh-KYE-liss)


Podochileae subtribe Podochilinae. Very similar to Appendicula in both the plant habit and flower structure, Podochilus has four pollinia unlike the six pollinia found in Appendicula.

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Caespitose epiphytes. Stems simple or branched, arching, pendent, oor scrambling over the substrate, rooting at the base of the stems and branches. Leaves alternate, distichous, with +/- imbricate bases. Inflorescences terminal or lateral from axils near the stem apex, few-flowered racemes. Flowers small, tubular. Sepals usually +/- fused at the base, the petals free. Lip unlobed, clawed, +/- auriculate, with a large basal callus. Column short, anther dorsal, with a pair of apical wings (stelids); pollinia 4, attached to one or two caudicles.


A genus of 60 species found throughout tropical Asia from Sri Lanka to New Guinea.

Care and Culture Card

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