(pronounced: POR-paks)


Podochileae subtribe Eriinae

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Miniature epiphytes forming mats of pseudobulbs. Pseudobulbs flattened, round in outline, with sheaths that disintegrate to reveal a matching longitudinal or net-like series of raised ridges. Leaves 2, opposite, deciduous, +/- absent when the plants flower. Inflorescences sessile, terminal, one to few flowered. Flowers tubular, orange-red, barely opening. Sepals fused at the base, the petals free. Lip unlobed to three-lobed, +/- callus. Column short, with a distinct foot; pollinia 4, often with one pair only partially developed.


A genus of 11 species ranging from northeast India (Sikkim) to peninsular Malaysia.

Care and Culture Card

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