(pronounced: por-fye-roh-GLOT-tiss)


Cymbidieae subtribe Cyrtopodiinae


Large caespitose epiphytes. Roots copious, dimorphic, with erect, stiff, apogeotrophic roots. Pseudobulbs cylindric, elongate, of many nodes, leafy. Leaves numerous, alternate, distichous, grass-like. Inflorescences basal, laxly erect racemes with one flower open at a time. Flowers resembling solitary bees at rest. Sepals and petals free, strongly reflexed and parallel, partially concealing the ovary. Lip unlobed, ornate, gently pivoting on a slender continuation of the column foot. Column arching, with large central wings, with an incurved foot; pollinia 2, cleft, with short caudicles, with a very large, flat, circular viscidium.


A monotypic genus native to Borneo, Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula.

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