(pronounced: por-fye-roh-STAK-eez)


Cranichideae subtribe Prescottiinae

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Acaulous terrestrials arising from fleshy, fasciculate roots. Leaves rosulate, petiolate, usually absent during flowering. Inflorescences erect, densely-flowered scapose racemes. Flowers showy, not resupinate. Sepals and petals free, spreading, variously twisted-recurved, the lateral sepals fused at the base. Lip unlobed, clawed, concave, fused to the long column foot, forming a small nectary with the fused lateral sepals. Column elongate, slender, slightly dilated, the rostellum short, roundish, the stigmas suberect, parallel; pollinia 2, club-shaped.


A genus of two species native to Ecuador and Peru.

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