(pronounced: press-KOT-ee-ah)


Cranichideae subtribe Prescottiinae. Some confusion has arisen over whether to spell this genus Prescotia or Prescottia. Long established usage is followed here.

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Acaulous terrestrials arising from fasciculate, fleshy, often tuberous roots. Leaves rosulate, rarely cauline, sessile or long-petiolate. Inflorescences stiffly erect, scapose, densely many-flowered spicate racemes. Flowers minute, not resupinate, usually greenish. Sepals fused at the base to form a small cup, the free portions of the sepals and petals strongly coiled-recurved. Lip unlobed, saccate. Column very short, winged, with a short foot; pollinia 4, granular.


A genus of 21 species found throughout the Neotropics from Mexico to Bolivia and the West Indies.

Care and Culture Card

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Ackerman, J. D. 1989. Prescotia and Cranichis of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Lindleyana 4:42-47.