(pronounced: pros-THEEK-ee-ah)


Epidendreae subtribe Laeliinae

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Caespitose to trailing epiphytes, rarely terrestrials, rarely pendent. Pseudobulbs cylindric to ovoid, usually compressed, subtended by small non-foliaceous bracts. Leaves one to several, apical, strap-shaped, acute or minutely notched at the apex. Inflorescences terminal racemes, rarely panicles, subsessile or pedunculate, the floral bracts minute. Flowers usually not resupinate. Sepals and petals subsimilar, subequal, free, spreading. Lip unlobed, obscurely three-lobed, rarely three-lobed, clawed, often cupped, usually with a basal callus that conforms to the undersurface of the column, sometimes with additional keels on the lip blade. Column cylindric, flattened on the undersurface, usually three-toothed at the apex, free from the lip, without a foot; pollinia 4, in two equal pairs, on minute caudicles.


A genus of about ## species found throughout the Neotropics. Anacheilium has long been maintained as part of a broadly defined Encyclia.

Care and Culture Card

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