(pronounced: tayr-oh-GLOS-sah)


Cranichideae subtribe Spiranthinae

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Rosulate terrestrials with fleshy, fasciculate roots. Leaves sessile, +/- absent at time of flowering. Inflorescences erect, scapose, densely-flowered spicate racemes, the floral bracts conspicuous, longer than the ovary. Flower cupped, resupinate. Sepals and petals free, the sepals subsimilar, the petals appressed to the dorsal sepal forming a hood over the column and lip, the lateral sepals forming a broad spur at the base, the spur parallel to the ovary and free at the base. Lip three-lobed, sessile. Column with a long foot, the foot fused to the ovary for most of its length, with two free stigmas or the stigma bilobed, the rostellum +/- triangular, acute, rigid; pollinia 2, club-shaped with a minute viscidium.


A genus of eight species native to South America.

Care and Culture Card

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