(pronounced: tayr-oh-STYE-liss)


Diurideae subtribe Pterostylidinae

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Terrestrials arising from subterranean root tubers, often colony-forming by the production of tubers from the apices of horizontal roots. Leaves several, sessile, forming a basal rosette or cauline. Inflorescences terminal, solitary, sessile flowers or scapose few-flowered racemes. Flowers rather uniform throughout the genus, green or variously suffused with brown and purple, essentially forming a closed chamber. Dorsal sepal deeply concave, falcate, forming a hooked hood with the petals, the petals falcate, the lateral sepals fused toward the base, usually erect closing the chamber formed by the dorsal sepal. Lip clawed, elongate with an erect basal appendage, flexibly articulated to the column foot, forming a passive trap mechanism. Column erect, elongate, with large subapical wings; pollinia 2,


A genus of 100 species found in Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and New Caledonia with the center of diversity in Australia. For the most part species of Pterostylis closely resemble each other and are more or less interchangeable in horticulture.

Care and Culture Card

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