(pronounced: rye-ner-EYE-zah)


Vandeae subtribe Aeridinae

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Monopodial epiphytes rooting at the base. Leaves alternate, distichous, arranged in one plane. Inflorescences pendent, densely-flowered racemes, simultaneously flowering or flowering in sections. Flowers ephemeral. Sepals and petals subsimilar, free. Lip three-lobed, articulate to a long column foot, saccate, with a complex backwall callus. Column short; pollinia four, in two very closely appressed pairs, on a small, slender stipe.


From the Greek rhinein, meaning to file or rasp, and rhiza, meaning root, referring to the rough rasp-like texture of the roots.


A genus of two species from New Guinea, Australia and the Solomon Islands. Formerly included in a broadly defined Sarcochilus Brown, there is still a question of whether R. mooreana is truly congeneric with R. divitiflora.

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