(pronounced: sak-koh-LAY-bee-um)


Vandeae subtribe Aeridinae

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Miniature monopodial epiphytes. Stems laxly pendent, rooting towards the base,leafy. Leaves alternate, distichous, numerous. Inflorescences axillary, sessile, sometimes superposed. Flowers cupped. Sepals and petals free, spreading, subsimilar. Lip three-lobed, deeply saccate-spurred, fleshy, articulated to the foot. Column short, dilated at the apex, with a foot; pollinia 2, on a common stipe and viscidium.


From the Latin saccus, meaning bag, and labium, meaning lip, in reference to the saccate lips.


A genus of four species restricted to Indonesia. Historically Saccolabium was very broadly defined and included many plants now placed in other genera such as Ascocentrum Schlechter and Rhynchostylis Blume. Thus Saccolabium is erroneously recorded from I

Care and Culture Card

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Christenson, E. A. 1986. An historical review of Saccolabium (Orchidaceae) and excluded species. Kew Bull. 41(4):833-853.