(pronounced: sah-KOY-lah)


Cranichideae subtribe Spiranthinae

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Rosulate acaulous terrestrials. Roots succulent, fasciculate. Leaves elliptic, rubbery, typically absent during flowering. Inflorescences erect, long-scapose, densely-flowered racemes. Flowers tubular. Sepals and petals free, subsimilar, the bases of the lateral sepals forming a short spur with the foot. Lip unlobed, saccate at the base, rigidly fused to the base of the column. Column short, stout, with a long foot, the stigmas two, the rostellum rigid, linear, sharply pointed; pollinia 2, narrowly club-shaped on a common linear viscidium.


From the Latin saccos, meaning bag, and koilos, meaning hollow, describing the spur-like extension formed by the bases of the lateral sepals.


A genus of ten species ranging from the U.S.A. (Florida) to Bolivia and Paraguay. The genus is sometimes included in Stenorrhynchos L. C. Richard but differs by the presence of a short, broad, external spur and the habit of flowering without any leaves.

Care and Culture Card

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