(pronounced: thee-LASS-iss)


Podochileae subtribe Thelasiinae

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Epiphytes +/- pseudobulbs, the imbricate, distichous leaves and foliaceous bracts forming fan-shaped growths. Leaves usually solitary, indistinguishable from foliaceous bracts. Inflorescences scapose, densely few-flowered racemes. Flowers tubular, inconspicuous. Sepals and petals free or with the sepals slightly fused at the base. Lip three-lobed (sometimes obscurely so), broadest at the base. Column very short, stout, without a foot or mentum; pollinia eight, in two clusters of four each joined to a common caudicle.


From the Greek thele, meaning nipple, probably referring to the shape of the rostellum.


A genus of about 20 species ranging from India to the Philippines, New Guinea, Australia and some islands of the western Pacific.

Care and Culture Card

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