(pronounced: thriks-SPER-mum)


Vandeae subtribe Aeridinae. The genus is usually divided into two sections. Thrixspermum section Thrixspermum produces an inflorescence with a strongly flattened rachis bearing flowers in two ranks. Thrixspermum section Dendrocolla (Blume) J. J. Smith pro

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Monopodial epiphytes. Stems short or elongate, rooting at the base or along the elongate stems at the nodes. Leaves alternate, distichous, leathery, strap-shaped. Inflorescences axillary pedunculate racemes, the floral bracts inconspicuous. Flowers usually ephemeral, arranged spirally or in two ranks. Sepals and petals free, spreading, subsimilar, subequal. Lip three-lobed, subsaccate, flexibly hinged to the column foot, the lateral lobes erect, much larger than the midlobe, the midlobe transverse, often notched, the callus variable, often with trichome bosses. Column short, stout, without wings, with an elongate foot; pollinia 4, in two tightly compressed pairs, on a common broad stipe and viscidium.


From the Greek thrix, meaning hair, and sperma, meaning seed, referring to the hair-like processes associated with the seeds.


A genus of about 140 species found throughout tropical Asia and the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Historically, Thrixspermum has been included in a very broadly defined Sarcochilus.

Care and Culture Card

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