(pronounced: trik-oh-PILL-ee-ah)


Maxillarieae subtribe Oncidiinae

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Caespitose epiphytes. Pseudobulbs cylindric, strongly compressed with sharp margins (ancipitous). Leaves one, lanceolate. Inflorescences basal, laxly horizontal-arching racemes. Flowers showy. Sepals and petals free, spreading, subsimilar, subequal. Lip unlobed, tubular, much larger than the other segments. Column straight, elongate, without wings or foot, the clinandrium hooded and fringed; pollinia 2, on a common stipe and viscidium.


From the Greek tricho, meaning hair, and pilos, meaning felt, from the fimbriate margin of the clinandrium.


A genus of about 35 species from Central and South America.

Care and Culture Card

See basic growing conditions and care information below.


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