(pronounced: vull-schlay-GEL-ee-ah)


Gastrodieae subtribe Wullschlaegeliinae


Leafless saprophytes arising from a cluster of slender, fibrous tuberoids. Stems slender, simple, with minute sheaths. Inflorescences terminal, unbranched racemes. Flowers minute, inconspicuous, nonresupinate, the sepals and petals connivent, the lateral sepals extended into a spur. Lip unlobed to obscurely 3-lobed, concave. Column very short, stout: pollinia 2, granular.


A genus of two species widely distributed in the Neotropics from Guatemala to Paraguay and Bolivia and the West Indies.

Care and Culture Card

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Born, M. G., P. J. M. Maas, R. L. Dressler and L. Y. T. Westra 1999. A revision of the saprophytic orchid genera Wullschlaegelia and Uleiorchis. Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 121(1):45-74.