(pronounced: zye-gh-SEE-pah-lum)


Maxillarieae subtribe Zygopetalinae

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Trailing epiphytes, the rhizome with short to elongate internodes. Pseudobulbs angular, +/- subtending foliaceous bracts. Leaves 1--2, oblong-elliptic, petiolate. Inflorescences erect or arching, few-flowered scapose racemes. Flowers showy. Sepals and petals subsimilar, subequal, free, spreading. Lip unlobed, articulated to the column foot, with a large, fleshy, transverse callus at the base. Column straight to arching, winged, with a short foot, the anther with an elongate beak-like appendage; pollinia 4, in two pairs, sessile on a large viscidium.


A genus of seven species from South America.

Care and Culture Card

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