Microsaccus-wenzelii-Pixie-Dust-2023-02-01 *SITF confirms this plant is Microsaccus wenzelii (Jul 2023).

This is the closest match of the twelve known species in the genus; the flower size matches at 0.8 cm. This plant matches the photo in the IOSPE and is a very close match to the seven photos in the This plant matches the description in the IOSPE and OW of being a miniature plant with 2-ranked (distichous), flattened leaves with a single flower on a short, axillary inflorescence.

Posted on Feb 1, 2023

Native to Philippines; flower matches pictures in IOSPE and epharmacognosy websites; plant and flower description in Orchidaceae (Ames) 5: 257 (1915) (viewable at

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