Pinalia-rhodoptera-2023-08-05 *SITF confirms that this plant is Pinalia rhodoptera (Aug 2023).

This plant is an excellent match to the description and photo in Cootes's 1991, "Orchids of the Philippines" and the illustration in the OW and photos in the It also matches the photo in the IOSPE as Eria rhodoptera.

Posted on Aug 5, 2023

Description is as follows: "Twenty-five intriguing flowers on a single, upright, axillary, 28-cm inflorescence; sepals lanceolate, recurving distally, pale cream, flared red apically; petals lanceola...

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Pinalia-globulifera--CBR/AOS-2021-10-23***Confirmed as Pinalia globulifera (Nov 2021); photos and illustrations in the SOF of the flower, inflorescence, and plant, are a close match to those of this plant;  the description and photos in the IOSPE and the are also a close match.***

Posted on Oct 23, 2021

One hundred ten flowers and 26 buds circumferentially presented on two congested, globular 5.0 cm inflorescences which emerge from the top of an oblanceolate pseudobulb 2.0 cm in diameter by 14 cm lon...

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