Brassavola-cucullatta-2023-08-22 *SITF confirms that this plant is Brassavola cucullata (Aug 2023).

The main points in considering the differences between Brassavola cucullata and Brassavola appendiculata are that B. appendiculata is only found in Central America from Mexico to Nicaragua and not in the Caribbean. B. cucullata is found in South America from Colombia to Venezuela and in the Caribbean. Brassavola cucullata has eight pollinia and B. appendiculata has twelve pollinia. This plant was collected in the Caribbean (Trinidad) and has eight pollinia. It is a good example of a true B. cucullata.

Posted on Aug 22, 2023

Description is as follows: "Three ribbony flowers and five buds on four up to 3.5-cm inflorescences; sepals and petals long, ribbon-like, sharply acuminate, ivory, midrib very pale olive-green, faint...

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Brassavola nodosa

Posted on Jan 10, 2014

      Brassavola nodosa (L.) Lindl., Gen. Sp. Orchid. Pl.: 114 (1831). This name is accepted. Award # 20131297 Hilo Hawaii   Brassavola nodosa, Awar...

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Brassavola reginae

Posted on Mar 19, 2011

Brassavola reginae Pabst, Bradea 2: 288 (1978). I got an award on Brassavola reginae Pabst today. This species is somewhat controversial as some authors consider it syn. with Brassavola cebolleta. Kew...

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