The two cultivars, Rlc Raspberry Parfait 'Chadwick' and Rlc. Raspberry Parfait 'Lorraine McLellan' appear to be nearly identical and so they are probably the same cultivar. It would be difficult at this point to know which actually came first from many years ago, whether from the Chadwick collection or Carter & Holmes. The decision has been made that the best solution to this Challenge is to add a statement to each of the awarded cultivars that "the two cultivars are nearly identical, so they are likely the same" and to leave both awards in the records.

Posted on Mar 14, 2023

This is a challenge to a recently awarded Rlc. Raspberry Parfait awarded as 'Chadwick'. This is not a challenge to the Raspberry Parfait grex, but that it is the same cultivar as the previously A...

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